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Dowden Potato Digger

Newton Seed Store (Campbell House)

Maytag Hay Press

Bergman Seed Cleaner

One Minute Seed Cleaner

Maytag Seed Cleaner

FarmAll Tractor Newtonian Bert Benjamin Developed

Plows, Discs etc.

Vintage Tractors

Steam Engine Tractor (in July 4th Parade)

Grange Exhibit

1854 Barn


Horse Drawn Buggies

"Winderful Tales" Wind Power Exhibit

Antique Tools

Antique Wood Working Tools

Pulls, Pulleys, etc.

Horse Collar

Jasper County Farmer Display

Jasper County Rural Schools Display

and more

Agricultural Exhibits

Industrial Exhibits 

Open Tue-Sunday from May 1 - Sept. 27

Closed holidays

1:00pm - 4:00pm  

Non-residents 18 years and older - $10 

Non-residents 11-17 years old - $5

Non-residents 10 and younger - free


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Commercial & Societal Exhibits

Washing Machine Center of the World

  • Original "Maytag" Pastime
  • Rocky Marciano exhibit
  • Maytag Multi-Motors
  • Last Maytag made in Newton
  • One Minute Washer Company
  • Automatic Electric Washing Machine Company
  • Woodrow Manufacturing Co.

Advertising Specialty Capital of the World

  • Vernon Company - 1902 - today
  • Newton Mfg. Co, - 1909 - 2015
  • Dun-lap Manufacturing
  • Davis Advertising

Winpower Generators

Business & Industry Display

  • 1957 Centennial Retail Ads
  • Photos and products from other manufacturers

Colfax Coal Mines & Mineral Water

Blacksmith Shop

Early Ag Equipment made in Jasper County, and much more

Herman Deaton Bas Relief of County History

Deaton Studios North American Dioramas

Neal Deaton Elephant (Smithsonian has full sized sculpture)  
Victorian Rooms

1930's Rooms

1927 Nash (with rare golf club door)

Rural School

General Store

Barber Shop

Post Office

Millinery & Dress Shop

Newton 1957 Centennial Retail Ads

Vintage Church Artifacts

Furniture/Undertakers Store

Iowa City and Other Glass

Fossils from Many Periods

Indian Maiden & Fawn Statue

Princeton Tiger Statue

Civil War, Spanish American, WWI and WWII Banks of Jasper County

Korea, Vietnam & Desert Storm Displays

Temporary Exhibit "Towns of the Past"

Newton, Iowa

Collecting, Preserving & Exhibiting Our Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial & Societal History 

Jasper County Historical Museum